Super Junior Leeteuk's father and his grandparents have passed away due to a car accident.


Leeteuk who is currently serving his mandatory military service, went home after hearing about this unfortunate news. Likewise, his older sister halted her musical practice and rushed to the hospital after hearing what happened.

The funeral for the deceased was arranged to take place at the Korea…

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My prayers for Leeteuk’s dad and grandparents. ELFs will always be with you and for SuJu too. Please stay strong and take care of yourself.


And please to all sasaeng fans, please show respect to his dad’s and grandparent’s funeral. RESPECT.

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From a VIP to ELFs, I’m so sorry


I can’t imagine, especially for ELFs who were around when LeeTeuk was in his own car accident, what you all are going through. But you, and LeeTeuk and his family of course, are in my thoughts and please take this time to find comfort in each other, your fandom. I hope LeeTeuk can, too, when he’s ready. Stay strong, leader LeeTeuk.

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♫Lenica Åkerlund♫